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1st-Aug-2010 12:22 am - 「Blogcrew #8」
ルキ  「松本l」
Long time passed since I last blogcrew-ed ;o

I'm not afraid to say “I love you
any more than I used to be, babe.
I am scared to death, I am scared to death
to fall in love
with you, claimhere.

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ルキ  「bxcolor」
Woah long time no posting around. I'm sorry for that but I've been pretty busy. Got some free time between the exams so here's a tutorial. Hope will be useful.

Made in: AdobePhotoshop CS5 Extended
# of steps: 9
Difficulty: Easy.
Translatable?: In other softwares beside PS, I'm not sure. But prolly not.
PSD?: No.
Creator: in_deep_desire

The withered song that I refuse to hear anymore is crying without even an addresseeCollapse )
6th-Jun-2010 10:16 pm - 「#2 icons」
Well hello everyone~
We've been on hiatus, yes :(
I'm really sorry for not informing you guys about that. We've both been busy with school and real life. >w<
But thanks God, the holidays are coming near :D! I assume, some of you are already on holidays.
Anywho, to make it up to you, I'm bringing you a batch of 170 icons and some last.fm avatars :)
I hope you'll like them (since I made some long time ago D: and I am trying different styles). Please don't foget to read the rules :')
Alsooo~ WATCH US!




Adam Couple (JoKwon & Gain) [1-5]
B2ST [6-43]
Brown Eyed Girls [44-69]
C.N.BLUE [70-81]
Lee Hyori [82-97]
SHINee [98-140]
Super Junior [141-150]
T-Ara [151-170]

» Last.fm avatars/various kpop artists [1-20]
» FO banner: SHINee [1]

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ルキ  「bxcolor」
Hey. This is the first Smooth Sailing layout I ever made. Hope you'll like it.

Title: Dreams in which I'm dying.
Style: S2
Theme: Smooth Sailing
Accounts: Basic Plus Paid
Browser: Tested only in FF
Live preview: abnormal_02

The dreams in which I'm dying.Collapse )
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