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「Blogcrew #8」 
1st-Aug-2010 12:22 am
ルキ  「松本l」
Long time passed since I last blogcrew-ed ;o

I'm not afraid to say “I love you
any more than I used to be, babe.
I am scared to death, I am scared to death
to fall in love
with you, claimhere.

» I'm not going to make a list, but please, comment saying if you take the codes and who do you claim.
» Open to everything – famous. Not lj users, friends or idk.
» No drama.
» Put “Scared to death” as your subject! Helps my inbox.
» You can edit the colors, but do not remove the link!
» You can claim who you want but Ruki. I'm taking him. Sorry.
» Lyrics from H.I.M. - “Scared to Death” 's song.
» Check the others opened blogcrews if you haven't.

Enjoy! ;D
31st-Jul-2010 09:45 pm (UTC)
Well, I am taking the code and I am claiming Key of SHINee
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