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「Smooth Sailing layout by in_deep_desire」 
2nd-Jan-2010 02:47 am
ルキ  「bxcolor」
Hey. This is the first Smooth Sailing layout I ever made. Hope you'll like it.

Title: Dreams in which I'm dying.
Style: S2
Theme: Smooth Sailing
Accounts: Basic Plus Paid
Browser: Tested only in FF
Live preview: abnormal_02

» Comments are love.
» Credit abnormal_beauty if use.
» You can edit the stylesheet. However, you still have to credit.
» Do NOT claim/edit the graphics as yours.
» Do NOT repost my graphics anywhere!
» Enjoy it.

Watch the community.

Live preview: abnormal_00

How to credit:

Where? In your profile, bio info.

» Download the stylesheet.
» Go to Customize Style.
» If you're not on S2, please switch to it.
» You're theme have to be Smooth Sailing. So go and select it.
» Go to Custom CSS and put NO to all the drop down.
» Paste the code where it says Custom Stylesheet.
» You should be done!
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